Project Application

The Brief

What’s the point of building a website if it doesn’t grow your business? We start our process by digging into why you want a new website and how it fits into your overall marketing and business strategy. By asking the right questions and starting with the end in mind, we set ourselves up to deliver a site that will generate leads.

The Sitemap

Once we’ve gathered all the info we need, we quickly build a visual sitemap that helps us understand your site’s information architecture at a high level and how it guides your website’s visitors toward your goals.

The Content Outline

Now that we know what pages we need, we create an outline of everything that needs to go on each page, including the purpose of the page and the call to action. This helps us think through your content at a high level without being distracted by layout and placement.

The Prototype

Rather than writing out a lengthy project requirements document and hoping you understand all our nerd-speak, at this point we build out an interactive prototype in the browser. Doing this before we start on design ensures we can get all our ducks in a row while it’s still fast and easy to make changes. It ain’t pretty, but it gets us on the same page real quick.

The Design

Now it’s time to make it pretty! Here we make the prototype match your brand and polish up the user experience. This is the fun stuff.

The Delivery

Finally, we take the design and wire everything up, squashing any bugs that might rear their ugly heads, and deliver a fully functioning website that will help you win customers in your sleep.