Custom WordPress plugin that adds a complex genomic project builder tool to the Pacific Biosciences website.

PacBio wanted a tool that enabled scientists to input information about the DNA they want to sequence and then download a zip file of PDFs that are customized for their specific project.

PacBio came to me with a well-defined set of project requirements and a complex flowchart for the project builder logic. I took them through a process of building out a functional prototype so we could make sure we nailed the user experience and functionality before a design was made.

I then took the design and created a highly interactive and user-friendly tool that includes:

– Custom WordPress plugin development
– Bootstrap based UI
– Interactive forms with complex logic
– Animated scrolling
– Downloadable zip file and customized PDF documents that are generated on the fly
– Email functionality
– Easily customizable from the WordPress admin


Pacific Biosciences


Custom WordPress Plugin

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“If you’re looking for someone who is extremely competent both on the technical side and at understanding the broader strategy of the tools/pages you’re trying to create, look no further than Josiah. He flawlessly interpreted our needs for an interactive web tool, quickly iterated, and was extremely approachable and reachable. I’ll definitely be looking to work with him in the future!”


Michelle Vierra