About Josiah

What makes you matter?

Is it the way you look? The way you make people feel? How much money you make? How much anime you’ve watched? (Okay, maybe that last one is just me.)

Honestly, I’m still not sure I’ve completely figured this out for myself. But, what I am sure about is that I feel like I matter most when I’m helping create freedom for people…

Helping free my family by relentlessly pursuing a life where each of us can realize our full potential and be the truest version of ourselves.

Helping free my clients from frustrating technology headaches that stifle their creative energy so they can grow their business and live the life they’ve always wanted.

Helping free content creators across the globe from their limiting stories and inspiring them to greatness with stories of other people who are doing great things.

I don’t have some grand vision or master plan. I just show up each day, do what I do, and help as many people as I can.

Then I let life unfold in the wild, beautiful way it always does.

If you’d like to be part of the journey, feel free to reach out and say hello.